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Valium Or Klonopin Better

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Dunn William Alexander Otaki Wellington New Zealand.

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the bacillus of Eberth in typhoid faecal matter applied to the early

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of hydatid Echinococcus hominis E. hepatis Ger. Acephalocysten

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acid badi no effect could be perceived that might not equally

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has been advised indeed that the patient should quench his thirst by

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operated on him for radical cure and discovered that in addition to

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Schneider Albert Outline of microanalytical methods for food

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of breakfasting at 8 A.M. and his pain came on about midday

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Johnson J. Y. The amoimt of worthless preparations now on the

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IV. Pyloric Ohstruction. The presence of this condition is

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gurjun balsam gave with sodium nitrite a slight violet coloration

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aod getting rid of the morbid humours through this channel.

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in the urine that however we reply is also the case when

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termittent and if the former is liable to exacerbations. It varies

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the first case was described in 1906 Brickner has seen seven cases of

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course of gynecological operations. This blood probably results from

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Abbott J. S. Four stmiples of deodorized tincture of opium ex

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Howe Percy R. Devices and volumetric tests for salivary analy

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living bone extend. Murphy has never failed to secure union by this

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subjects although strictures are passed in individual cases. AVe last

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may not ultimately rest with us. ITic probability is that when

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tympani may produce a thickening of it and closure of the

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A eterinary surgeons got good results with this drug and Bolle there

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avoiding theoretical discussions. His lectures were eminently

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hypertrophied mucous membrane which produces it l ecomes

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Patch E. L. Two samples of boric acid contained excess of sul

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The Elbow Joint. The elbow joint is an instructive region

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above and below and completely excised. If the other pelvic veins

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mary ulcers each ulcer appears to have run a certain course

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his study is so obviously characteristic of the insane state.

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yeoman service in protecting the sick and helpless from the evils

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left the sum of 5 000 Consols to the Society of Arts who

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disposition. Second attacks arc not uncommon but a third

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Rusby H. H. The preface should contain a clear statement that

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care being taken to avoid leaving raw surfaces likely to lead to the

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Pearson W A Four samples were rejected on account of the

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and again was treated in hospital and made a good recovery. For the

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than those of its success. In Murray s Apparatus Medicami

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exhibit considerable variety in the phsenomena. A nerve naay

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dead instruments being used tlie second pregnancy ended in

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sense of great weight in the right hypochondrium a sallowness

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Too much massage or too heavy massage will create a callus

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should be thoroughly tested before formulas are included in the Na

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ness of the thigh and discharge of high coloured or bloody urine.

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graph which deals with a subject which is one of considerable difficulty

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it. This latency is proportionate to the weight. Then there is

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vasations. Towards the end of the treatment the interval between

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the drug is cheaper and more efficient than the disagreeable tasting

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Kelly E. F. The directions of the National Formulary for pre

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Whatever arrangements be made for clinical teaching in the

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Phipps Edgar Vivian Ayre do Messrs. Holt Co. 3 Whitehall

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examined by the microscope at the commencement of its becoming

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