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of these cells forming the fibres of the tract run horizontally

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charcoal in suicidal poisoning by mercuric chloride Wien. klin.

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surgeon. Put briefly the position is that the surgeon s loss is

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attributed to its bark which it does not in the slightest degree

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on or entered at all ipto many important points inseparable

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is congestion hyperplasia of the interstitial tissue and infiltration of

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facture of poisons and habit forming drugs. Public Health Bulle

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during 1906 1908 and 1911 came up fully to the official strength

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also as if something had come down. Fcetal movements had ceased since

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be accounted for by the small amount of blood which would

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plants which must be known that they may be avoided Of

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Some have affirmed that the chylopoietic viscera have been found in

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he failed to attain to the Professorship of Iedicine made for him

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many others jostle one another on the busy stage. We are told

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recorded case to a permanent alteration in the vessels having been

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the name of the Ichthyosis Pellagra but from my own obser j

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Greenfield J. G. Quantitative albumin estimation of the cerebro

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treatment. Amongst the conditions treated successfully by hypnosis

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some organs distinct lobules. These granular masses are closely con

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times been obliged to re dissolve the extract This method

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Massachusetts Bd. Plealth Two samples of tincture of iodine con

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the last movement attempted was rotation of the humerus. The

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kidney can be examined distinctly and sensibility and tumefaction

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ensue to the opposite side and as the membrana tympani itaelf

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which their chemical nature may be ascertained and to point

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Smith Carl E. As the melting point is affected by the presence of

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tents as not only to exhibit the progress of the physical sciences

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cases. The lesions usually appear in the fourth to sixth month of

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between the essential characters of this tracing and those of Fig. 1

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turn however until the calculus ultimately clears the duct and attains

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assume irregular action under the influence of adequate exciting

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The presence of this condition in two well developed muscular

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indefinite term and practically none of the commercially available

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mach occasionally troublesome the appetite returning the face

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remedies a common gargle gentle opening medicine and fif

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and sale of drugs have emphasized time and again that much of

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indented. The gums now fall away from the teeth and at the edges

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great derangement of health. In other cases however the gall

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from analogy he does not altogether deny its occasional cxia

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because of what he is and because of wliat he may become. The

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might readily infer that this procedure has dangers

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changes to the lenticular nuclei. In the majority of cases there have

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volume the diseases of metabolism of the organs of locomotion and

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jibe about doubling the income of the medical profession is somewhat

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sure that the lessons taught at the sanatorium or the dispensary do

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a case of Tic douiotireux its utility in a second case of ihc

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on Public Health either in tlie University of Edinburgh or in some other

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frequent experience in this disease would justify and certainly

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sion with albuminous urine with the very best eflTects. Some years

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almost all the extractive and that the residue contains sub

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The third part treats of suggestion and the action of the will in

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from its ciliary ligamentf instead of dividing it. It is necessary

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Newcomb Edwin L. Digitalis its cultivation collection and

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terist cs of fossils which is still considered as the basis of his

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of the images cannot have been greater than what would be caused

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consequence of the persons attacked being generally in the same

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intestine the absorption of oxygen takes place much more slowly than

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entirely well tUl at ut midnight the beginning of the fifth day

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the thickness of the soft parts and the elasticity of the armlet

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